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Do you have a long list of Japanese foods you adore? With lunches starting at $10.95 and 5-piece sushi rolls starting at $4.95, we also give you a chance to get a little bit of everything you love with our ala carte menu. If you would like a strong drink with your meal, we offer a full bar for dine-in.

Our top-rated dishes are the Crazy Dragon Roll with miso soup for $10, Spicy California Roll, Chi Yaki Soba with soup and salad for $10, and the edamame side order. Of course, our regular customers enjoy taking advantage of our free $5 or less appetizer offer for purchases exceeding $25. In addition to our udon, salads, teriyaki, tempura, sushi and sashimi, we also have other Japanese cuisine such as yaki soba pan-fried thick noodles, donburi, bento boxes, and hibachi entrees.

Along with pork, chicken, and beef options, we have a long list of delights from the ocean including kani (crab), eel, fatty salmon, smoked salmon, octopus, scallops, shrimp, squid, clams, tuna and more. For vegetarians and vegans, you can enjoy vegetable rolls that include sweet potatoes, avocados, oskinko Japanese pickled radish, and asparagus.

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